Anyang Halla Ice Hockey Club

“Opens a New Chapter in Ice Hockey, Aiming for Asian League’s Top”

Founding Date
1994. 12. 22
Home Stadium
Anyang Ice Arena
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In 1994, Halla Group founded Anyang Halla Ice Hockey Club (“Mando Winia Ice Hockey Team” at the time of founding), a professional sports team, to help promote performance of and balanced development in Korean sports, considering the founding a part of faithfully fulfilling the Company’s responsibilities as corporate citizen.

Back then, ice hockey was just another winter sports, and that a particularly unpopular one, disregarded largely as the enthusiastically adopted game in advanced countries (especially Northern and Eastern Europe) and as a prohibitively expensive sports in countries like Korea with extremely limited natural ice condition, which requires intensive, and persistent, investment in infrastructure on the part of corporate sponsors. Given all that, however, Halla Group did not back up or lose its initial enthusiasm and motivation. Rather, the Company provided systematic and aggressive support for the team, trying to achieve two goals, i.e., to develop the relatively undeveloped ice-based sports for Korean population and to ensure Halla gives back to its community.

Of course, there have been difficulties since the team’s founding. Its parent company weathered lots of lows; it survived the Asian financial crisis. And even when the three most recognized professional ice hockey clubs (Halla, Dongwon, Hyundai) were faced with breaking up their teams, Halla Group did not stop. It has been single-mindedly, and quietly, walking the same path of passion for the past 14 years. Now, the Company is planning on making even bigger investment in winter sports, dreaming of bigger goals to achieve.