Promotion System


Talent is the Greatest Assets of Companies!

By implementing reasonable and fair promotion system, Halla Group is trying its very best to create work
environment where each and every one of our employees is free to show and develop their full potentials.

A departure from conventional evaluation system
where “equality” is much emphasized;
implementation of fair evaluation system employing
easurement-based evaluation elements
such as MBO evaluation,
competence evaluation, and
leadership evaluation; support
to achieve and manage
individualized goals.

Based on objective evaluation of individual
performance, annual salary programs and incentive
systems are being implemented, reflecting fair
reward according to performance;
each and every one of
management and employees
is being supported to show
outstanding performance.

By implementing scouting/
special promotion system
which allows early promotion
to higher ranking positions
regardless of seniority, which is
a huge factor with conventional
systems, we are hand-selecting superior talent and
supporting to transform them into young,
competent managers.

We perform personality and
aptitude tests and new hires
orientation and training to
identify individual talent, hopes
and ambitions. Placement of
our manpower is based on the data
we compile. Also, by letting new hires to choose
their most-wanted assignment, we strongly
encourage our employees to design and implement
their own career development planning.