Creating a beautiful world by giving and sharing!
As a Corporate Citizen, Halla Promises to Do More, Do Better.

Company that Fulfills its Social Responsibilities

As expressed in Halla Group’s business philosophy “Company that Contributes to Society,”
we believe returning the profits generated from our business activities to our society and
sharing them with our community is how we can fulfill our obligations as corporate
citizen. We consistently support and implement varieties of activities associated with
social contribution.


Systematic and Consistent Social Contribution Activities

Avoiding one-time, unorganized social activities, adopting instead systematic
and continuous contributions, Halla provides exclusive teams that take care of
our social contribution programs and encourages our employees’ participation
and volunteering to ensure rich outcomes in each of the activities where we
are engaged.


Constant, Accessible Social Contribution Activities

We try to stay away from just collecting money and sending checks or from one-time
gigs with a special event on a special day. We actively pursue opportunities where our
employees can volunteer for their community, meet and share with the less fortunate members
of our society through actions. We continuously sponsor “spontaneous participation in social programs,”
an opportunity to experience the value of sharing and the joy of doing something good.

In order to create a world
where everyone is content,
happy, by giving and
sharing.we organize
volunteer groups for each
of our subsidiaries and
implement our social
We are systematically and
consistently carrying out
our support programs for
the less fortunate members
of our community.

We dispatch our
volunteer teams to areas
struck by a wide range of
natural disasters and
man-made disasters and
support their rescue and
restoration activities.
We also participate in
financial volunteerism by
donating money
collected by our

Halla Group is a
forerunner in nature
cleansing campaigns for
mountains and rivers near
each of our subsidiaries.
We are also an aggressive
participant in
preservation programs to
ensure our nature is well
attended and protected.

Through "One Company
One Village" affiliation
program, Halla Group is
implementing PR for our
affiliated villages, direct
sales of agricultural
produce, peak season
support (labor) for
farmers, etc.
Our friendship and
connection with the
villages are ongoing and
becoming stronger.