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Word Mark


Halla’s word mark expresses ‘Halla’ with its English capital & small letters, which emphasizes ease of communication. It also excludes decoration factors as much as possible, which indicates its scale & reliability. Its main color “Halla Blue” holds Halla’s spirit of integrity management and expresses its global & customer-oriented mind and the company’s young & vibrant images.

Color System

The Color System is the selected color to effectively pass Halla’s image. The color regulation below must be abided
by when using the word mark, logo type and signature.


Halla’s main color image as a word mark’s color

Blue (Word Mark)
Cyan 100% + Magenta 80%

–SUB COLOR : Gray / Silver / Gold

The secondary color to be used as backup along with the main
blue color. The silver/gold color can be used to express the
image of premium, but silver needs to be preferably used for its
smart image and harmony with a word mark.

Gray (Logotype)
PANTONE Cool Gray 10 C
Black 60% Silver PANTONE 877 C
Gold PANTONE 873 C

Logo Type

The logo type must be small via emphasizing its word mark, or the signature horizontal combination be preferably applied.

Halla 한라, Halla 漢拏
Halla Halla
한라  漢拏