About Halla


“History of Halla Group is
in tandem with the history of Korean
heavy industry development.”

Halla Group’s history began in 1962 when it was established under the name Hyundai International.

Domestically, Halla Group was the first to produce heavy equipments.
Halla Group has been the leading the development of Korea’s Heavy Industry as well as conducting business in the
Shipbuilding,, Construction, and Automobile Industry.

Halla Group’s founder, President In-Yung Chung.
Believed that advanced technology will develop South Korea’s Heavy Industry and pioneered with this concept.
Still today, known for his persistent work ethic among people in the business world, Chairman In-yung Chung has
inherited and incorporated Halla Group with a model of frontiership, transparency and Work Together while taking
strong steps toward change and innovation.

Halla Group has led the Korean industry in a variety of fields such as Construction, Automobiles, Logistics/Service,
New Businesses, Education, and Sports, based on accumulated experience and technology and maintained its
consistent and rapid growth.

We have expanded around the world such as U.S.A. and China, but also throughout Asia, Europe, and South
America. We are advancing to new heights and distance around the world. As we are massively spreading, we are
adored and respected as a global corporation.