Group Chairman


“Mr.Chung Mong-won”
Chairman of Halla Group
Date of Birth information
Date of Birth Aug 4 1955
Academic Background information
Dec 1982 Earned MBA from University of Southern California (US)
Feb 1979 Earned BBA from Korea University
Feb 1974 Graduated from Seoul High School
Major Achievement information
Mar 2008 Chairman of Mando
Jan 2001 Chairman of Halla Engineering & Construction
Jan 1997 Chairman of Halla Group
Jul 1992 Vice Chairman of Halla Group
Jun 1991 CEO & President of Halla Engineering & Construction
Jan 1989 CEO & President of Mando Machinery
Mar 1986 CEO & President of Halla Climate Control
Aug 1985 Executive Director, Mando Machinery
Mar 1983 Manager, Mando Machinery
Aug 1978 Joined Halla Merchant Marine Company (employee)