Nurturing Talent


Nurturing Global Leaders!

To nurture our talent who will be playing a pivotal role in our future operations, Halla Group is implementing a variety of
education and training programs and systems for each of our subsidiaries.

We are continuing with our investment in talent mentoring to ensure their improved performance, competence and potential for global leadership.

Core Talent Nurturing Program

To scout and nurture our future talent pools, each year, we select highly promising candidates and support them in their
research and/or degree-seeking coursework at prestigious colleges and universities in Korean as well as overseas.

Core Talent Nurturing Program table
Next Generation Leader Mentoring Program Management Academy
Local master/doctoral programs, global MBA programs Reinforces competence as future executives/managers by
conducting systematic, in-depth study and learning on
comprehensive business operation and management and
applying the learned materials to assigned work on the job.
Overseas doctoral programs, MBA programs

Global Competence Development Program

To help improve communication skills that are required as a basic ability in executing global business, we operate and support wide varieties of programs.

Implementation of Wide Ranges of Foreign Language Training

Implementation of Wide Ranges of Foreign Language Training
Offer varieties of foreign language training Implement overseas foreign language training
Overseas training
Staying in overseas special training centers for a few months to expose our employees to intensive language and culture education Work-related overseas training programs to
help identify new technological trends and to benchmark advanced companies
Consigning education to non-company third party agencies for a 6 to 8 week intensive program (24-7training in boarding-style housing)
Various on-the-job
Operating study groups, Internet courses, etc.

Work-Related Skill Development Program

To help develop work-related skills that are required for all Halla Group employees, we design and apply varieties of education/training programs.

Work-Related Skill Development Program
Program by rank Program to develop work-related skills
new managers courses, leadership
reinforcement courses
to help develop specialized technical
manpower in each area
for employee position-specific new hires courses,
beginning courses for new hires and
experienced employees
skill development
to consign training to internal and/or
external specialist organizations
(information technology, R&D,
manufacturing technology, finance/
accounting, etc.)